New Faculty at the School of the Environment

The School of the Environment
welcomes new faculty

Nyeema Harris
Associate Professor of Wildlife & Land Conservation

Harris’s research explores carnivore behavior and movement, ecology and conservation in urban systems and national parks at a global scale with ongoing projects throughout the Americas and Africa. Her work focuses on the myriad of nature’s antagonisms including parasitism, competition, human-wildlife conflict, and predation. She examines spatial and temporal variations in species interactions, how interactive networks are structured, and the ecological consequences of species loss and land-use change. Read more about her research and teaching here.

Luke Sanford
Assistant Professor of Environmental Policy & Governance

Sanford’s research examines environmental stewardship from a political science perspective. He has created methods for integrating data sources, such as satellite imagery, into causal inference frameworks in his study of environmental politics. His focus is on how citizens and politicians value the preservation or exploitation of natural resources and how those values are converted into policy. Read more about his research and teaching here.