Faculty Excellence and Diversity


Faculty Excellence and Diversity Initiative

“Yale’s education and research missions are propelled forward by a faculty that stands at the forefront of scholarship, research, practice, mentoring, and teaching. An excellent faculty in all of these dimensions is a diverse faculty, and that diversity must reach across the whole of Yale—to every school and to every department.” 

Peter Salovey, President

In December 2019, President Peter Salovey announced that Yale would extend the Faculty Excellence and Diversity Initiative for another five years, increasing the budget 70%, from $50 million to $85 million. The initiative promotes faculty excellence, diversity, and inclusion across campus. By renewing and expanding the initiative, President Salovey made “an emphatic statement about our commitment to recruiting the most distinguished scholars, who will help diversify Yale, transform their fields, create knowledge to improve the world, and inspire our students to lead and serve all sectors of society.” The Faculty Development and Diversity team is responsible for implementing this initiative.

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For general questions, contact  the Faculty Development and Diversity team in the Office of the Provost. For questions regarding a specific school or department, visit the school’s website.