Faculty Excellence and Diversity


Initiative for Faculty Excellence and Diversity

“Yale’s education and research missions are propelled forward by a faculty that stands at the forefront of scholarship, research, practice, mentoring, and teaching. An excellent faculty in all of these dimensions is a diverse faculty, and that diversity
must reach across the whole of Yale—to every school and to every department.”

Peter Salovey, President
Ben Polak, Provost

In November 2015, President Peter Salovey and Provost Ben Polak announced that Yale would contribute more than $50 million in resources to build on the excellence and diversity of our faculty, university-wide. The Deputy Provost for Faculty Development and Diversity is responsible for implementing this initiative.

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For general questions, contact  the Faculty Development and Diversity group in the Office of the Provost. For questions regarding a specific school, click here for the diversity contacts at each school.