School of Medicine Results 2023

School of Medicine (YSM) faculty participation in the 2023 Faculty Climate Survey contributes to the Belonging at Yale initiative, a comprehensive effort launched by President Peter Salovey in 2020 to enhance diversity, support equity, and promote an environment of inclusion and respect at the university. All faculty with primary and fully-joint appointments in a department or section in the School of Medicine were invited to take the survey; responses are shown below.

Response rate

The YSM faculty response rate was 34.5% (compared to Yale’s overall response rate of 34.3%), with the following breakdown by category:

  • 46.4% YSM ladder faculty (vs. 48.5% overall ladder faculty response rate)
  • 12.6% YSM instructional faculty (vs. 20.6% overall instructional faculty response rate)
  • 18.7% YSM research faculty (vs. 18.0% overall research faculty response rate)

Please note: where response rates are low, caution should be taken regarding conclusions that are broadly representative of the overall faculty or a particular subset of faculty. In the bar charts below, the responses do not represent the opinions of faculty who did not complete the survey.

Climate in the University

Climate in the Department or Section



Mentoring & Advocacy